Monday, 14 April 2014


The Robbers'Cave at Gucchupani, Dehradun is situated in the upstream of the river Tons, which later on meets Asan, which in turns meets Yamuna at Kalsi. At this place, the stream passes through a very narrow and deep gorge, the bottom of which has recently become a tourist destination of Dehradun. One can walk through the bottom of the gorge, on the shallow stream and wade themselves upstream till a waterfall. One can also see the rock formations revealed on the caves and rocky gorge walls. Several colourful sandstones and limestone is visible on the walls and the temperature is cool. There are also outlets for refreshments just at the mouth of the gorge, where one can sit on the chairs on the stream with your foot in flowing water. You can also try taking a bath in the stream. A lot of birds, small fish and tadpoles and a plethora of wild flowers wait for your arrival !

How to reach: Dehradun can be reached by air or train from New Delhi, India, which is around 240km. From Dehradun railway station, the Robbers' Cave is only around 8km drive. 

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